CityCamp Minnesota: Where web 2.0 meets all things local

November 12, 2011

UPDATE: Check out the CityCampMN Quick Review

By Emily Kampa, originally posted on CC-BY-SA.

Picture this: A six hour coffee break with over 100 social media and open source enthusiasts from government, community organizations, technology start-ups, and the community at-large. Ahead of you in line at the coffee pot are software developers, social media experts, open government advocates, and students. What’s that? It sounds too good to be true?

Think again!

It will happen at CityCamp Minnesota and their 1st “unconference” on Saturday, Nobember 12, 2011, at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Center in Minneapolis from 9:00am – 3:00pm. Check-in begins at 8:00am (coffee will be served). Thanks to volunteers, the camp is free.

The broad theme of “Community 2.0” will ask:

  • In a world of scarce public resources, how do we take advantage of the 2.0 online, social media, and open source worlds to help build awesome local communities?
  • How can we connect the interested public with 2.0 skills to work with government, community groups, neighborhood associations, local ethnic associations, and more?
  • How can our local communities be bold, inclusive, open, accessible, wired, and innovative when bottom-up connects with top-down for collaboration?

What exactly happens at an unconference? It’ll be a day filled with at least 25 different, very interactive, small and large breakout discussions. From time to time, participants will report summaries back to the full group where content will get recorded, tweeted, and shared.

You can learn more about CityCamp Minnesota and register for the unconference by visiting the following links. Hope to see you there.


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